Meet Ashley Davidson

Ashley Davidson, B.A. CWD

Okanagan Valley & Rocky Mountain

Wedding Planner and Designer


Professionally coordinated and beautifully designed wedding experiences.


With more than a decade in international project management and event design and coordination, I've combined my artistic side with my business skills to give you the best of both worlds. From intimate, laid-back ceremonies to lavish and luxurious affairs, my team and I will be there to design, direct and produce the day of your dreams so that you can relax and enjoy it!

Ashley Davidson
Ashley Davidson

I'm Ashley


Planning and designing events in the Okanagan Valley and Rocky Mountains has become my dream career. I have always had an eye for detail and style - ask anyone I've worked with in the past and they'll tell you I constantly "zoom in and out" from micro-details to the big picture, thinking about the way we create something and how we can do it better; what does the entire experience look and feel like, what result are we really trying to create here? When traveling, I am constantly looking at the colours, structures, placement and overall experience created by certain designs elements and spaces. I love surveying the ambiance and bringing that desired "feeling" into my designs.


After years of wedding planning in the Okanagan Valley, I have found this to be one of the most desirable places in Canada to host a wedding. The deeply connected community of creative partners who are ready and excited to create magic for you, on top of the natural beauty and stunning views from almost any vantage point in these peaks and valleys, brings so much inspiration when creating a stress-free, joyous and gorgeous wedding to celebrate your love story.

Here for you.

You're looking to make this the most memorable experience of your life. I want to make sure you have a team of qualified and creative professionals along side you to make sure that happens!


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What guides me

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I value celebrations built from sustainable, high quality and cutting-edge design trends, using supply chains that support top tier local businesses first, while respecting and working to counteract the impact of the carbon footprint large-scale events have on our environment.


Unique approaches found in the international art and design scene inspire me, as I look to integrate these concepts into new and interesting designs for my clients, infusing food, music and culture into everything.


Community and acceptance are always at the heart of my guest experiences. I celebrate inclusiveness and diversity, seek community over competition, and work with vendors to create inclusive events truly meant for every person to enjoy.

My Process




1.1 | Overview of your design style and preference: this can include everything from your favorite stores to buy clothing and furniture, favorite colors and patterns. Tell us about you!


1.2 | Outline event objectives and specific deliverables: are you picturing a dining area with string lighting as your ceiling? Lush flowers flowing over your head table? Or minimalist greenery outlining your escort chart? We will work together to outline the elements needed to make your vision come to life.


1.3 | Budget analysis & development: Before we begin the formal planning and design process, we will assess your budget to ensure that the elements we include fit. We will work through the budget together and identify the most important elements to you, whether it be food, music, lighting, flowers or anything else, this will help us focus our designs for the biggest impact.


1.4 | Concept Development: Layering in all of your ideas, we start to create magic through a colour story, abstracted and literal décor elements to personalize your design aspects.


1.5 | Preliminary Sketches: Bringing your event vision to life, we create sketches and storyboards to help visualize the overall design vision and begin to layer in a the details and develop a lighting scheme to ensure design elements are illuminated.



2.1 | Vendor sourcing: from within our amazing creative partner network, we select the event teams and suppliers who best be able to bring your vision to life.


2.2 | Event element design, fabrications, and manufacture: working with highly skilled artisans, craftspeople, designers, carpenters and welders, we can source any custom event elements needed.   

2.3 | Event coordination & critical path: scheduling vendor meetings, contract review and negotiation, bookings, creating weather and contingency plans, personalized timelines, invitations and more; we manage all of the production logistics to make sure all the people and pieces are in place to make  your event reality.

2.4 | Site visit & floor plan development: walking through the chosen venue, we will map out our designs in 2D to ensure space, flow and layout work well together.



3.1 | Final details meeting: Visualize and experience a sample of what your event will look at full scale. Covering every last detail, this is our prep meeting before the big day!


3.2 | Event execution and production: After all our dedicated planning and designing hours, your full event is produced with professionalism and smiles on our faces as we all start to see the magic happen!



4.1 | Event evaluation: feedback is very important to us to so that we can continue to improve our client experience. We share this feedback with our creative partners and do a collective "happy dance" when we hear your favorite moments from your event!


Fun Facts

Did you know this about me?

Born and Raised.

My home town is a tiny one called Orapa, located in Botswana, Africa.

I grew up with the Kalahari Dessert and the Okavango Delta as my backyard. It wasn’t until the age of 12 before I was stunned by real snow for the first time after immigrating to Calgary, Canada with my family. (The novelty wore off quickly when the temperature got to minus 30 degrees C, but I’ve mostly adjusted and am learning to embrace winter now!)